Difference between BOSS and LEADER

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between a BOSS and a LEADER?
Some may feel that they both have same role to play whereas others may feel that they are different.
But we must know that Leadership cannot be demanded – only earned and deserved.
In this article we have listed some of the differences which we feel exists between them and their roles. It is a must read for people, who are in any leadership position in any organization, and then decide whether they are a BOSS or a LEADER.

Here is the list of differences:
Issues orders and ensure that his goals are achieved through his subordinates.
Sets a goal, leads the team, ensure that his goals are the same as his members' and stays with his team till the very end. He gives his members credit for their contribution where its due.
Has no emotions and expects members to bring results from nothing.
Ensures that the members have the right resources at the right time and manages his team's emotions as well as his own.
Boss inspires FEAR.
Leader inspires ENTHUSIASM.
Boss justifies or lays blame.
Leader takes responsibility.
Boss fixes the blame for the breakdown.
Leader fixes the breakdown.
Boss knows how it is done.
Leader shows how it is done.
Boss gets respect because of his Position.
Leader gets respect because of his Actions.
Boss says “GO”.
Leader says “LETS GO!!”.
Boss will create short term goals that do not give employees the chance to deliver their work plans.
Leader must be able to appreciate the needs of his colleagues and their abilities. He can then create a long term plan in order to achieve these objectives.
Boss uses people.
Leader develops people.
Boss is interested in himself.
Leader is interested in group.
Result: Team Members DISLIKE working for their BOSS.
Result: Team Members are LOYAL to their Leader and LIKE working for Leader.

 So here are some of the differences listed between Boss and Leader.
You can always comment in the below section if you see any differences which we may not have listed. :)