Connect Backtrack 4 to Internet (when bt4 is booted via VMWare)

Here you are provided the way to connect your Backtrack 4 OS to the internet by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client:

To connect your Virtual machine with BT4 to the Internet use the following commands

B.A.R.C. interview questions - CSE- 2009

Hello Everyone,

I was interviewed in BARC in 2009. In interview panel, there were 7 interviewers including one head of panel. My interview was approx. 2 hours long.

Question-1: Which are your Five favorite subjects? (They used to start interview from these 5 subjects only, but its not mandatory).

Question-2: What is Dictionary Attack, Brute Force attack in hacking?

Question-3: What is DOS attack?

Question-4: What is IP-Spoofing?

Question-5: What is E-Mail Forging?

Question 6: What is MAC-Address?

Question-7: What is interface in OOP?

Question-8: Why do we require interface?

Question-9: What is difference between interface and abstract class?

[Then they gave me a question paper which was having 10 multiple choice core java based questions (I answered 8 questions correctly.)]