Google Nexus 4 Features , Tech Specs and Bugs

Google has recently announced its new phone Nexus 4 which is manufactured by LG. It is the first smartphone which will is running on Android 4.2 JellyBean operating system.
This phone is amazing without any doubt in terms of its features. But what amazes more is its low price.
In US, you can get its 8GB version for just 299$ and 16GB version for 349$. Isn’t that amazing?
Google Nexus 4

Now, let’s see what Google has to offer in such cheap price.
·         Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS –This OS will bring all the features of Android 4.1. And also, new features like ability to take 360 degrees photo with 8MP camera, intuitive gesture based key board and lot more features.
·         QuadCore CPU - The Google Nexus 4 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which to put it into perspective should surpass the NVIDIA chip architecture nestling in the Nexus 7. There’s also a handy 2GB of RAM on board which means it is primed for all your mobile multitasking.  
·         HDMI Port – HDMI port will enable user to hook it up to HD TV and watch videos.

Tech Specifications
Screen: 4.7” 1280x768 (320ppi)
Size H: 5.27 in (133.9 mm)
W: 2.7 in (68.7 mm)
D: 0.36 in (9.1 mm)
Weight 0.31 lbs (139 g)
Cameras Main: 8MP BSI sensor, 1080p video
Front: 1.3MP, 720p video
Memory 8GB or 16GB (formatted capacity will be less)
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz (Adreno 320 GPU)
HSPA+ 42 Mbps
Wireless Wireless display via Miracast
NFC (Android Beam)
Power Wireless charging (use any Qi-compatible charger)
2,100 mAH Li-polymer battery
OS Android Jelly Bean (4.2)

After the launch of Nexus 4, there are few bugs which users have found in their handsets.
1)   Ear Piece buzzing issue: Some users have reported that they are hearing some low-level output from the earpiece of the LG Nexus 4. These users have described this low-level output as approximating a faint buzz or a click usually heard coming from the handset’s earpiece or camera area while other users on the other hand are reporting distorted calls at high volumes.
In cases like this, we always hope that the problem is software-related so that it can easily be fixed by a simple software update. But if this turns out to be a shielding problem which is more concerned with the hardware side of the handset that deals with its electronics, there might be a chance that affected units could get recalled. Though a lot of LG Nexus 4 users have reported the issue, there is still a chance that the problem is limited to a particular production run and is not as widespread as we think it is.
      2)  One of the users have reported that the back glass can break because of sudden change in temperature which makes us feel that LG’s back made of glass is not such a great idea.

Overall, LG Nexus 4 is a great phone with high tech specifications and at a very good price. According to us, even after these issues, the LG and Google’s offer is still a steal.